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title: Echos From Another Time
description: Years ago I was given my first prescription for daily brain meds...
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Years ago I was given my first prescription for daily brain meds. I have a hard time getting new habits to stick, so early on I hit upon the idea of giving Charlie a treat at the same time, and in no time he was in charge of reminding me it was time to take my meds.
It was a job he took very seriously.
Eventually other cats joined the family and it wouldnt do to have only Charlie get treats. And also eventually my health care regimen changed so I no longer took daily pills, but the treats continued every morning just the same
And now with Charlie gone all thats left is two young cats coming into my office in the morning asking for treats, an echo of a time when every morning at nine I took a pill. I suspect this echo will remain for many years.
![Piglet and Wil'em eating treats off the floor](kitties-eating-treats.JPG)

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